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Outdoor windproof camping gas stove

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Outdoor windproof camping gas stove

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Outdoor windproof camping gas stove

Product parameters: outdoor dedicated furnace
Material: Hard gas alumina
Net weight: 700G
Gross weight: 781g
Size: 13 * 13 * 25cm
Ignition method: piezoelectric ignition
Fuel: Propane, Butane
Capacity: 1400m
Power: 3685W
Packing: net bag plus carton

Note: The gas tank is not in the product range, only for display!

1. Can meet the outdoor food needs of 2-3 people.
2. Convenient to carry, the burner head and fuel gas tank can be installed in the pot body without occupying space.
3. There is no need to buy a bowl separately. We have combined the pot and the bowl into one.
4. The heat collecting device of the heat collecting ring is installed, and the heat is not wasted, which is faster than the ordinary furnace and saves gas.
5. The base burner can be separated and disassembled from the pot body, used alone, one product, two uses.
6. Windproof design, no need to purchase additional windproof board.
7. The heat-insulation fabric of the pot body is anti-scalding, and the stainless steel folding handle does not take up space.
8. Electronic ignition without manual ignition.
9. Low altitude and high altitude can be used normally.



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