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UV Protection Self Erecting Camping and Beach Shade Tent

UV Protection Self Erecting Camping and Beach Shade Tent

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Tent Name: Silver coated automatic UV protection beach tent

Material : 170T silver coated UV protection fabric

Bottom material
: 170T waterproof polyester fabric, waterproof index of about 1500mm

Bracket material: 70# flat wire

Tent notes

1 Please build a tent on a flat surface

2 clear the convex object on the bottom surface;

3 Normally build tents, use ground nails and windproof ropes properly to stabilize the tents;

4 When using the tent, pay attention to avoid chemicals, keep away from fire sources, and pay attention to dust and moisture after the tent is stored, avoiding direct sunlight;

1.Very fast and easy to install, just throw it in the sky and it will open automatically.
2.They are easy to store and easy to carry with a convenient cable carrying bag.
3.Tent piles and pockets are used to make sand in windy conditions.
4. Special silver plated 190t polyester fabric, waterproof and UV resistant.

Durable for fishing, picnic tents or beach fun


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